Selection of Training Service Providers (TSPs)

1. Skilling under the scheme shall be carried out by Training Service Providers in Himachal Pradesh after being deemed eligible by HPKVN following a due process of scrutiny and evaluation.

2. Proposals for skill projects in the state shall be sought from all/identified Training Service Providers through a transparent tendering process. TSPs to be awarded work orders on the basis of fair, unbiased and transparent evaluation criteria based on international standards.

Monitoring & Evaluation of Training Outcomes

1. Monitoring and evaluation of trainings provided under the scheme is critical to the success of the Scheme. It is imperative upon HPKVN to monitor ongoing trainings as well as conduct impact assessment and evaluation (in close coordination with Department of Economics & Statistics, Government of Himachal Pradesh) to design training requirements for future.

2. For facilitating monitoring and evaluation, a Management Information System (MIS) is developed in Himachal Pradesh ( The MIS system should be developed such that it has concurrent integration with MIS systems of other training schemes / programs in the state and has reporting capability to national MIS systems, as and when required.

3. All information pertaining to candidates, Training Service Providers, training targets and achievements must be made available on the MIS portal in line with the prescribed processes Page 4 of 17 and implementation manual of the Scheme. This includes data entry and suitable mode of display for the following aspects of the programme:

i) Profiles of TSPs, Interested Candidates (waiting list from mobilization activities & Employment Exchange registered candidates), Enrolled Beneficiaries, State Government Departments, HPKVN

ii) Details of training centres and trainers, Skill Calendar

iii) Details of beneficiary mobilisation and selection

iv) Batch initiation and training progress (days of coursework/on-the-job training completed, attendance of trainers and trainees, etc.)

v) Processes related to Assessment and Certification

vi) Candidate’s Placement and Post-Placement Tracking

4. Monitoring includes checking the progress, quality and outcomes (in quantitative and qualitative terms) of ongoing trainings. This requires that information about batch progress (attendance and trainee performance), placement and assessment should be made available to HPKVN at regular intervals if done manually, and continuously if uploaded on the MIS portal. HPKVN may arrange for conducting audit checks and surprise visits to training centres to ensure enhanced monitoring.

5. The outcomes envisaged under the Scheme, guided by the Common Norms, are as below:

a) For training of fresh entrants to the workforce, outcome shall be defined to include all of the following:

b) Employment (both wage and self) on an annual basis of at least 70% of the successfully certified trainees within three months of completion of training, with at least 50% of the trainees passing out being placed in wage employment; Provided that HPKVN may alter the percentage target of wage and self-employment within a batch based on specifics of the trade, local economy, social conditions, etc.

c) In case of wage employment and recognition of prior learning, candidates shall be placed in jobs that provide wages at least equal to minimum wages of the state of placement prescribed and such candidates should continue to be in jobs for a minimum period of three months from the date of placement in the same or a higher level with the same or any other employer.

d) In case of self-employment, candidates should have been employed gainfully in livelihood enhancement occupations which are evidenced in terms of trade license or setting up of an enterprise or becoming a member of a producer group or proof of additional earnings (bank statement) or any other suitable and verifiable document as prescribed by the respective Ministry/ Department / HPKVN

6. The TSP will be will be asked to discontinue the training in that particular trade/centre and will be paid only on pro rata basis, if the outcome achievement for a batch is unsatisfactory as defined under:

i) 49% and below placement of those who have been certified

ii) 49% and below number of certified candidates with increase of at least 3% in remuneration within 14 months in case of re-skilling and up-skilling

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Activities

1. HPKVN will conduct awareness and publicity campaigns on regular basis to provide information on skill training opportunities in the state and to invite applications from prospective candidates. Such IEC campaigns shall be conducted through newspapers, radio, television, posters, banners, road-shows, nukkad nataks, etc. IEC campaigns should also explain the functioning of MIS portal and assist interested and eligible persons in creating a Candidate Profile on the portal.

2. The State through its arms and implementing agencies will sensitize the community, Panchayats and District Administration about the Scheme

Organising Skill Melas

1. Skill Melas shall be organised by TSPs at the district and block levels.

2. The State through its arms and implementing agencies will sensitize the community, Panchayats and District Administration about Scheme.

3. At Skill Melas, each interested candidate should be allowed to submit, an intent to undertake a training‟ on a plain paper providing details such as name, age, Aadhar Card number, Bank Account Number contact details, educational qualifications, past work experience, and areas/sectors of interest for undergoing training. On submission of such intent in writing, the candidate’s details shall be entered onto the MIS portal and/or into a Candidate Roster, and a receipt with MIS log-in details and unique registration number shall be issued to the applicant. This will create a district-wise and training sector-wise waiting list of prospective candidates. This waiting list shall be utilized for mobilization of trainees as and when trainings are planned in the state.



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